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Personalised Photo Keyring in Leather Case,Personalized Photo Keychain,Custom Keyring gift

$29.99 USD

🎁Welcome to giftwinkle, what can we offer you? 🎁

This is a personalized photo keychain, we can print your provided photo onto the metal sheet, we can also personalize the text on the keychain leather exterior and interior surface; this is a very loving gift.

A gift with personalized text and photos is a gift with love. Believe me, this is a memorable gift for family and friends. In the upcoming festivals or birthdays, you can choose him as the first choice and have a gift that contains love. The gift is so simple 👇👇

Shopping steps:✍

01. Leather color (our keychain provides 8 colors: brown, black, gray, dark blue, light blue, Claret, beige, pink)

02. Add a personalized photo (the clearer the photo, the better the effect)

03. Add leather outer surface text (style/name; eg: style 1/Lucy)

04. Add text on the inner surface of the leather (optional, the text content is limited to 12 words)

Product material & process:

Our key chain is made of PU leather, and the stainless steel surface is made of UV color printing photos;

Product Specifications:

Stainless steel sheet size: 3*5cm

Leather (expanded size): 3.5*14cm

Weight: 25g


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful personalized gift. Arrived earlier than expected.


The key ring is a lovely personalised gift. The brown tan key ring isn’t as “rustic” looking as the photo suggests but perhaps it will go like that in time. The photo inside is a little grainy but that could be due to the quality of my photo - I don’t know. All in all I’m happy with the gift.