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Personalized Baby Meal Set, Baby gift, Children's dinner set

$18.99 USD

🎁This meal is the perfect gift for a baby or child!
Regular style and crab shape, it is fun and practical for children of independent age.
This is an ideal birth, birthday or christening gift for the kids around you!
👶 The cutlery is practical because the child can easily and simply hold it in his hand.
🍴The hijab is made of soft silicone, perfect for children's fragile gums
😋The plate has suction cups, which is practical and prevents accidents
💚The handle is made of natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable bamboo. All products are chemical and BPA free.
⭐ This plate is dishwasher safe, but we do not recommend placing utensils on it
The set consists of the following parts:
- Pair of cutlery (forks and spoons) with customizable bamboo inserts
- Crab-shaped silicone plate with suction cups to prevent it from tipping over
🍪This set makes an ideal personalized gift for a boy or girl on happy occasions such as the birth, birthday or christening. Best of all, it will make a personalized and much-appreciated gift for your children.
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I absolutely love this! It couldn’t have turned out any more perfect! 😍