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Birth Announcement Sign Baby Announcement Sign Newborn

$19.99 USD

   Add your baby's footprints and stats to make these your keepsakes for years to come! It's the perfect way to announce the arrival of your precious baby and fits perfectly in the hospital crib next to your little one.

   Please note that due to the size of the nameplate selected and the number of characters in the name, the spacing offset may differ from the listing photo.

Logo features:
-1/8'' thick Baltic birch plywood
-3D wooden letters for the first color of your choice. The second name and the rest of the text will be engraved.
- Use the same font as in the manifest.
- Due to differences in wood, your sign may vary slightly from the one shown.
- This is not a double sided sign, if you purchase Birth Statistics + Footprints you will receive two signs.

  Thank you for your order!

SKU: CA23061701

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Beautiful sign and amazing quality! Would definitely recommend! Thank you 😊


Absolutely beautiful! Just made me even more excited for my sweet boy to make his arrival