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Dividers for Vinyl Records, CDs, books

$9.99 USD

Well, whatever your choice, now you can support your organisational flare with these bright, bold and beautiful dividers. You choose the wording (there's probably a limit to the number of letters but try me and I'll let you know if there're any problems. I think the longest I've done so far is East/South African Jazz), so whether you want something common like

or something more specific like Dad rock, '86-'89 you can be your own collector and do what suits you and your tastes best.

You can have whatever colour you want as well (as long as it's one I offer) so do them all the same or each one different. Again, it's up to you.

The writing runs in the same direction on all of them. Obviously it's cut through, so only readable from one side, but if you want them to be readable from the other side you just turn them over and the writing will either read top to bottom or bottom to top. You could even place them flat on the shelf if you wanted to and have the records sitting on top. I use all capitals because lower case letters are too hard to print right with any consistency.

The dividers are 8cm deep by 12.5cm tall, with the bit with the lettering being about 2.5cm wide. They're 1mm thin, so they don't take up a load of space on your shelf. (The bit that goes between the records is about 10cm of that 12.5cm.)