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Personalized Necklace Tree of Life and Birthstone - Round Name Necklace Plate with Engraved 6 Stones Best Gift for Mother Grandma

$28.99 USD

A personalized custom necklace that is unique and very special. Birthstones of different colors adorn the face, accentuating the uniqueness of this necklace. Half closed and half open. Breaking through the traditional design style, it combines noble temperament and elegance, exuding charming brilliance.
preferred gift
give her. Love life is always in need of little surprises.
to the elders. Their long-term companionship and teaching left surprises in her long years.
Give it to a friend. In years of friendship, no one knows her better than you.
send yourself. Live a life with a sense of ritual and try to love yourself.


Style: minimalism

Personalization: The necklace can be customized with name, number, and word.

Chain type: box necklace and O-chain


Good maintenance will make them last longer.

Please follow the tips below to make your jewelry look nice and cute.

Do not wear it in the shower, swimming pool, spa or beach.

Avoid contact with cosmetics and chemicals