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Personalized Photo Character Throw Pillow, Photo Pillow, Gifts for Her

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This is a personalized pillow, which is customized by the pattern of clothes suit selection and character portrait matching on the pillow, and you can also choose to add personalized text; this is a good gift, whether it is for friends or family members A great choice, the pattern itself makes for wacky family entertainment; the character-shaped pillows add a fun, playful touch to any decor.

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01. The pillow clothes suit has different colors of clothes and shorts, trousers, and dresses;

02. Provide photos, we will design avatar logo for you, and match it with clothes to customize the pattern;

03. Optionally add text content on the surface of the clothes (if no text is required, please enter "none" where text is required, and we will ensure that no text will appear on your product)

04. We provide different sizes (the small one can be hung on the Christmas tree or used as a family funny pendant; the larger one can be used on the sofa, bed or chair)

Let your significant other know you're always with them with our personalized photo character throw pillow. It can also be given to children as a prop to entertain the family atmosphere; it is also a good choice in festivals.

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Customer Reviews

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Incredible gift; I knew my kid was in need of a pillow, paid for it by accident seeing this personalized pillow, and received it quickly; a great choice; kids had a blast making it a fun gift. thank you


Quality exceeded expectations, great entertainment gift; when I gave it to my child, he was very happy; he said he loved this gift; I re-ordered one for everyone in our family to use for fun games at Christmas; That's a really nice idea.