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Plant Garden Marker Acrylic Stakes

$21.99 USD
Give an extra touch to your garden with these good-looking marker stakes. Made out of durable 3mm thick transparent acrylic, these markers will last for a long time while they accompany your growing plants. From a window planter to a full-size garden, these markers will not only help in labeling your plants but will also become a fun and eye-catching addition. You can choose to have only the text or the text and the icon. You can also choose from several font styles. Pick from our wide selection of icons and if you don't see a specific one you are looking for, let us know, we might be able to create it for you.

How To Order
1. Select whether you want icon + text or only text.
2. Select the font style.
3. Type in the personalization box the model (e.g. Tomatoes, Basil).

Details and Material Information
Dimensions (in): 5(L) x 0.5(W) x 0.118(H)
Weight (g): 5